Garage New Builds and Conversions

We plan and build single, double and multi-car garages in stone, brick, block and render and timber frames. Whether converting an existing space or building a new detached garage, we always strive for an outcome that suits our clients’ requirements and budget. To ensure the highest standard of finish we only use the best quality building materials.

We can either work from your architectural plans, or put you in touch with
architects that we work with regularly.

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Types of Garages

Each type of garage has its unique advantages and characteristics, catering to different preferences, budgets, and functional requirements.

Natural Stone Garages

Elegant and durable with authentic stone materials.

Brick Garages

Traditional and low-maintenance with a timeless appearance.

Block and Render Garages

Versatile and cost-effective with customizable finishes.

Timber Frame Garages

Rustic and warm, ideal for blending with natural surroundings.

Steel Frame Garages

Exceptionally strong and durable, suitable for extreme weather.

Concrete Section Garages

Cost-effective and low-maintenance with prefabricated concrete panels.

Single, Double, and Multi-Car Garages

Various sizes to accommodate one, two, or multiple vehicles.

Recent Projects

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We work closely with clients on garage projects, taking time to understand requirements and communicate clearly from the planning stage through to final completion and sign-off.


What Our Client's Say?

We take immense pride in our work and the testimonials of clients we've worked with offer a glimpse into the quality, reliability, and satisfaction that define our services.