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From semi-detached through detached and multi-house plots, our new build projects combine the best in traditional building skills with modern environmental and energy efficiency systems and standards. Whether you’re in the early stages of planning a new build, or have a plot, plans and permissions, we can help make the most of your new build project.

We can either work from your architectural plans, or put you in touch with
architects that we work with regularly.

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Types of Build

We have completed new build home projects throughout the Yorkshire Dales, working closely with clients and local planning authorities to ensure the highest quality of build, finish and compliance.

Stone Built

We use a range of locally sourced reclaimed, random and course stone in developing attractive new homes that reflect the regional building styles.

Block & Render

Block and render generally provides a lower cost build option. Builds with a combination of render and stone/brick can be both cost effective and visually attractive.

Brick & Block

Correctly constructed brick and block homes can remain maintenance-free for many years and provide more flexibility for internal and external alterations.

Timber Frame

Timber frame is a good option for traditionally styled homes that can be strong and well insulated without the bulk of brick and block properties.

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With new build projects, we prioritise close collaboration with clients, investing time to wholly understand their needs from the planning phase until the final completion and sign-off.


What Our Client's Say?

We take immense pride in our work and the testimonials of clients we've worked with offer a glimpse into the quality, reliability, and satisfaction that define our services.